Mr. Zhang

CEO in Beijing, China

I hired Mr. Lee’s law firm to handle my BC PNP application last year. I have been impressed by Mr. Lee’s friendliness and professionalism. He offered lots of help from business purchasing, drafting of business plan and preparing for submission of BC PNP packages and for BC PNP interview. As a result of his professional assistance, my BC PNP application was approved only in three months after submission. Amazingly, Mr. Lee prepared pre-interviewing questions for me and the questions asked of me by the BC PNP officer are almost the same. My prior experience with hiring immigration consultants are not very good and so I highly recommend Mr. Lee the lawyer for your immigration services.

Mr. Xue
Former Counsel and Chief of Education Office, Consulate-General of the PRC in Vancouver

Before knowing Mr. Lee, my case was handled by a Caucasian lawyer in downtown Vancouver.

I was not happy with him. Then a friend referred me to Mr. Lee. I have found Mr. Lee a trustworthy lawyer. He is very honest with me in talking about my case. He understands a client’s challenges with English language and the complexities in adducing evidence and he is able to guide me through in every step of litigation.

I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who is in need.

Ms. Chien

Family Trial Client

George is a good lawyer. I was involved in a division of property case. Before the trial, George was able to tell me the strengths and weaknesses of my case. So I was well-informed before spending money on a trial. Additionally, George prepared me for the trial by explaining the procedures, rules of evidence, and courtroom manners very carefully. In the end, I got what I had hoped for. I thank him for his good work.

Ms. Wu

A Litigation Client in China

I have never met Mr. Lee in person. I am a general manager working for a big German company in Beijing. A friend in Vancouver referred me to Mr. Lee. My case is very complicated and it involves both Chinese and Canadian laws. I thanked Mr. Lee who was able to fight for me in court. I am satisfied with his service.

Mr. Liu

Sponsorship Appeal Client from China

I am 55, and working as a janitor in Vancouver. I married my wife who was in China. Unfortunately, the visa officer in Hong Kong rejected my wife’s application. I was too sad. I didn’t sleep well for many days. The visa officer said we had no telephone bills to approve our relationship. Then, one of my friends referred me to Lawyer Lee. In order to help me, Mr. Lee agreed to reduce his legal fees due to my financial difficulty. And we won our sponsorship appeal at last. Now my wife is in Canada thanks to Mr. Lee’s efforts and generosity.

Mr. Wedin
Sponsorship Appeal Client from Ghana
I married in Ghana. We did not register our marriage and had no photographs to prove we were together at the time of marriage. I retained Mr. Lee through a referral by BC Lawyer’s Referral Service. Mr. Lee then took time to understand our customs and culture on marriage. And he presented a good cultural argument and won my appeal. My wife is now living with me in Vancouver.
Mr. Fang

Immigration Client in Vancouver

I got married in China, and this is my second marriage. Mr. Lee was our lawyer who filed our application, and my wife came to Canada in four months. We are so excited and grateful to Mr. Lee.

Mr. Lei

ICBC Claims Client

For me, there are three criteria to retain a lawyer: First, the lawyer shall be honest and trustworthy; 2ndly, the lawyer should know the area of law concerning your case; lastly, his fees should be reasonable. Bearing these criteria in mind, I approached George and now I concluded that I made a right decision to hire him to represent me on my ICBC claims. I am totally satisfied with the result which has exceeded my expectation.

A Lawyer in Vancouver

I am a lawyer myself, but I don’t practice family law, so I asked George to handle my own case because he is the lawyer I trust.