Lizzie Kwon Lawyer | George Lee Law Corp.

George Lee Vancouver Lawer
Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public

Lizzie Kwon became an associate of George Lee Law Corp after articling with the firm. She speaks fluent Korean and English.

She completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Cognition and Brain from UBC and a Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Sydney. In 2022, Lizzie was called to the British Columbia bar after articling with our firm. She is also licensed in New South Wales of Australia.

During law school, she attended a law exchange program at Seoul National University, where she learned to appreciate the insights and perspectives that people of various backgrounds and interests bring.

In the past years, Lizzie has successfully assisted many clients in handling civil, criminal, and family law cases, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of clients and is deeply trusted by clients. She is also experienced in handling solicitors' work including incorporation, wills, and conveyancing.

She strongly believes in serving people with heart by putting herself in the shoes of her clients by prioritizing direct communication, transparency in legal outcomes, and commitment to never leaving her clients in the dark.